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Acra Screed - Company History

Acra Screed was devised, developed and patented by George Owen.

With almost 40 years of onsite experience running his own successful Civil Engineering company, George has personally laid countless cubic meters of concrete while constantly striving to attain a high level of quality and accuracy. With no other Screed rail system available to meet all his requirements he set about formulating his own, Acra Screed.

After years of use and modifications, perfecting all aspects of the ultimate design, the Acra Screed system has evolved to become the revolutionary new screed rail system it is today. On each and every occasion, the Acra Screed System produces excellent results.

Acra Screed applied for and was granted a European and U.S. patent. Launched at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas a show attended by around 90,000 trades men and women from all over the world Acra Screed won the prestigious MIP Award (Most Innovative Product Award) voted for by the attendees in the Placing and Finishing category.

Acra Screed continues to grow as satisfied customers return time and again. Having supplied and shipped to contractors directly throughout the world, Acra Screed began exporting from the UK to distributors in 2008. First to the Isle of Man and then the UAE with Canada and the US quickly following in succession at the start of 2009. Each of Acra Screeds distributors are specialists in their own right with a solid understanding in concrete placing and finishing and the simple desire to look after their customers in providing them with the best system's available.

With Eyes turning to Europe in 2010 Acra Screed will continue to develop and expand while offering the type of excellent service every customer deserves.

2014 update Acra Screed continues to grow now serving 16 countries. We are presently looking to supply directly to customers in the USA by keeping stock state side - the adventure continues …


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