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Home of the Patented, Award Winning, Adjustable Screed Chair system. With 40 years of experience in the construction industry we understand the demands that contractors meet on site. We are here to offer you our innovative concrete accessories and  give  you a professional service at all times.

Acra Screed is fast becoming the choice of professionals throughout the world, achieving finish levels once thought impossible and gaining a reputation for excellence. With set up tolerances of   +/- ½mm (1/50th of an Inch) and depth ranges tested up to 1.2mtrs (4 Feet).  Acra Screed allows for adjustments of   +/- 25mm (1”) either side of finished level and gives no interference to structural steel. Fast set up time and a reliable system which is strong enough to support power screeds leads to an increase in productivity and profitability, while improving the concrete placement process for the contractor.

Bespoke units can be manufactured to suit your individual needs.  Please contact one of our technical team to discuss your requirements.


Concrete Pour Using Acra Screed System


Setting up the Acra Screed System

Alternative Concrete Screed


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EP. Patent Reference Number 1,354,107
US. Patent Reference Number 7,086,203
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GB. Trade Mark Registration Reference Number 2,463,374

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