Acra Screed Road Show


To celebrate the release of our new product range Acra Screed will be touring the whole of the British Isles to see existing and new customers and to show them our new products in person.

With such busy customers, that we know work all hours - we appreciate that time is very precious and taking a day out to visit an exhibitions is not always possible or practical - so thats why we are coming to you - wether its direct to your office or a site your working on - your choice.

Take 5 while we pour you a well earned cuppa and have a slice of cake (of course) while we show you our great new systems and then we will be on our way, leaving you to the day ahead.

If you would like us to come and see you please call Acra Screed on 01729 840000 and ask for Helen.

Hope to see you soon !



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