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Screeding Companies

Screeding Companies

Acra Screed - Distributors located in the UK, USA, Canada, UAE, Isle of Man...

As Acra Screeds reputation for excellence grows and companies look further a field to attain the highest possible standard of workmanship, Acra Screed continues to expand with professional contractors using the systems throughout the world ...

Acra Screed Ltd serves the UK market directly – Tel 01729 840000 or alternatively fill in our contact form and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Isle Of Man
Island timber Ltd on the Isle of Man offer there customers a diverse range of construction products offering a friendly and helpful service. For all of your Acra Screed requirements on the Isle of Man please contact Wayne at Tel: 01624 827338.

Screeding Companies

Digital House For Trading Est are Acra Screed’s soul distributors within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are proud to be represented by this outstanding company which is dedicated in providing a high level of customer service. Digitial House also supply a range of light construction equipment, including the Roller striker which works exceptionally well with the Acra Screed system. Please contact Eng Nawaf Mohammad on Tel: +9665 6608 4721 or by email at:

Sigma Enterprises LLC , are based in Dubai and serve the whole of the United Arab Emirates where they specialise in numerous products for the construction industry

Please contact SIGMA for further information on Acra Screed within the UAE. Tel +971 4 8851 828

USA AND Canada
At present we do not have distributors covering the USA and Canada. However due to a large increase in product demand we are looking at holding a constant stock stateside. This means that contractors will be able to purchase Acra Screed directly at a reduced rate straight from the manufacturer. Our hope is that with your support we will eventually be able to manufacture and supply from within America our patented products. 

Acra Screed outside of the above locations
If  there is not an Acra Screed distributor located in your country please contact Acra Screed via our web site contact form or Tel +44 1729 840000. Acra Screed has shipped directly to contractors throughout the world and we are more than happy to discuss your requirements.


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