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Acraplug - Refurbish Concrete floors & Structural Concrete Topping

Acra Screed Ground System


Acraplug is available in two formats; the unit is secured by drilling into the existing concrete and inserting the Acraplug unit which can then be adjusted to the required level.

The small Acraplug unit is used for new concrete bases where a thin top screed up to 75mm is required.

For depths greater than 75mm and for refurbishment of existing floors or cover to Pre cast units the Large Acraplug is used.

Please contact our technical team for further information on this product.

Setting-up the Acraplug

Base Block

Start by drilling a hole...

Stud Connectors

... Clear away debris...

Rail Support

...Tap the plug down fully...

Speed Adjuster

... Insert the Rail Support and adjust using the Speed Adjuster, after which the screed rail is ready to be inserted, completing the set up.


Alternative Concrete Screed

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